Taking the Wheel #4

The past two days our class presented our final projects on people, places and power. Each presentation included an introduction power point, a photo essay, and a survey monkey. Each group had a different topic and after listening to the presentations I understood how each topic related to the theme of people, places, and power.

The Labor vs. Big Business presentation clearly showed the impact of people, places and power. Their were powerful people, Rockefeller, Carnegie and J.P. Morgan, who had complete power over their workers and treated them poorly. The workers tried to gain power by going on strike at Homestead. The government also had a lot of power and they took the side of the big business people rather than the workers on strike tor prevent upsetting any big business men.

In immigration Europe people were trying to escape overbearing power and go to a place where they had power. They wanted religious freedom. Immigrants came to America looking for freedom and power and it impacted the American economy. The immigrants were given bad jobs like sweatshop workers and ended up working for cheap and helping the growth of the economy.

During imperialism between Europe and Africa, powerful European countries took over and colonized small African countries. This reflects the theme of people, places and power because countries with a lot of power took over other countries and made them live a certain way which was unfair.

The immigration Asia presentation showed that America used their power in a negative way. They tried to prevent Asians from entering the country and once Asians were in the country they were discriminated against and could not own land. Asians cheated the system to get into the country with picture brides and fake ids all so they could have more power in America then they did in Asia. Americans thought they had power over Asians based on race.

American Imperialism was when America kept wanting more power, they were not satisfied with the power they had. They kept trying to conquer other territories and thought they were superior to all. Their superior attitude led to wars like the Spanish-American War.

After seeing all these presentations I can relate them all to the theme of people, places, and power.



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