Taking the Wheel #3

After getting into our groups and discussing our findings on the topic of Native Americans and the West I had a better understanding on the topic and how it relates to the theme of people, places, and power. The other people who had this topic were Lily, Morgan, and Nicole. I began to understand more about Kit Carson after talking to my group members. Kit Carson was and Indian agent in Taos, New Mexico and he had three Native American wives. He did not support complete rights for Native Americans but he supported certain rights for them. Also I began to understand more about John Collier, an Indian affairs commissioner. He believed that Native American culture should be preserved but he contradicted himself by destroying Native American resources and telling them how to live. He ended up passing the Indian Reorganization Act which ended up not granting Native Americans the rights they needed. Learning about these two people helped me understand that people with power during this time period used it in a negative way. Working with my other group members helped clarify parts of the topic I was confused on and

To make the photo essay we used the app Videolicious. We got to pick up to ten pictures and record a caption describing each picture. There was a one minute limit so we made two videos and that way  it was easy to understand what we were saying. The script had to be short to fit the time requirement. The final product came out nicely. We also had to make an intro power point including background, key terms, and important dates. It was not supposed to be text heavy so we used a lot of pictures. Also at the end of the photo essay there was a survey for everyone to complete. Overall everything went well and everyone contributed to the project an equal amount.


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