Taking the Wheel #4

The past two days our class presented our final projects on people, places and power. Each presentation included an introduction power point, a photo essay, and a survey monkey. Each group had a different topic and after listening to the presentations I understood how each topic related to the theme of people, places, and power. […]

Taking the Wheel #3

After getting into our groups and discussing our findings on the topic of Native Americans and the West I had a better understanding on the topic and how it relates to the theme of people, places, and power. The other people who had this topic were Lily, Morgan, and Nicole. I began to understand more […]

Taking the Wheel #2

The next phase of research for my topic, Native Americans and the West, was an online interactive activity. The interactive activity focused on “The Long Walk” which was in 1864 when thousands of the Navajo Indians were forced to leave their land and walk 450 miles to a reservation called Bosque Redondo. Other parts of […]

Taking the Wheel #1

The last assignment of the year has to do with the category of people, places, and power. There are six different topics and everyone is focusing on one. The topics are Native Americans and the West, Immigration: Asia, Immigration: Europe, Imperialism: America, Imperialism: Europe and Africa, and ┬áThe Rise of Corporate America. The assignment is […]