A Hunt for New Information


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Me scanning a QR code during the Scavenger Hunt

To learn about all of the different Civil War battles everyone received a specific battle to research and make a google doc for. Then we put all of our research together to make a scavenger hunt around the school and learn about each specific battle.  Everyone made a QR code for their google doc so we traveled around the school scanning each code with a QR reader app. Each document contained directions on where the next battle is in the school. After everyone finished the scavenger hunt we used a website called Padlet to post answers to specific questions we were asked. Padlet was an easy way to see everyone’s ideas and it was helpful to answer the essential question of the lesson.

The first essential question was who was the ultimate victor in the following theaters East, West, and Naval. In the Easter theater the Confederates dominated in most of the battles. They won battles such as the Battle of Fredericksburg, Bull Run,  Chancellorsville, Second Manassas, Cold Harbor and Fort Sumner. However in the Western theater the Union dominated. Some battles they won were the Battle of Baton Rouge, the Battle of Shiloh, the Battle of Fort Donelson, and the Siege of Vicksburg. The Union also won more battles in the Naval theater such as the Battle of Hampton Roads. Having strength in numbers and being more advanced in technology helped the Union beat the Confederates in many battles.

The second essential question asked for common factors in the reason for the results.  The Union won more battles for multiple reasons.  They had a larger population which meant more people to fight and more troops. The amount of troops overwhelmed the confederates in battles such as the Appomattox campaign and the Battle of Fort Henry. The union also had a greater supply of resources and weapons because many industrialists lived in the north. The confederates weapons and ships did not match up to the Unions like in the Battle of Baton Rouge and the Battle of Gettysburg. They had a larger amount of railroads allowing transportation of supplies and soldiers to be easy.  In general the Union was more technologically advanced than the Confederates.


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