Brave Women of the Civil War

During the Civil War women had limited rights and were expected to act inside “the sphere of domesticity” and anything outside the sphere was frowned upon. Acts that fit inside the sphere were cooking, taking care of and teaching children, cleaning, and making clothing. Acts outside the sphere were holding a paid job, voting, going […]

A Hunt for New Information

  To learn about all of the different Civil War battles everyone received a specific battle to research and make a google doc for. Then we put all of our research together to make a scavenger hunt around the school and learn about each specific battle.  Everyone made a QR code for their google doc […]

What would you choose?

Should I stay home with my family where it is safe or go fight in the war to serve my country? This question was asked frequently during the 1860’s in the U.S.A. because the Civil War was going on. For some people it was a simple question that they did not have to think about […]

Semester Project on Civil War✔

For the semester one research project we worked in pairs to research a specific event that somehow led up to the Civil War. Each group had to find at least twelve primary sources that related to the event and make a scrapbook with the sources and captions. We also wrote an essay for an introduction […]