19th Century America’s “Democracy”

In Mirriam-Webster dictionary a democracy is defined as a government by the people;  especially rule of the majority. In a democracy everyone should have the chance to vote for their government leaders. The United States in the nineteenth century was not as democratic as everyone believed they were. The painting above is called “The County Election” by George Caleb Bingham. It shows a […]

Romanticism Movement

Romanticism is a movement in literature, music and the visual arts that reacted to the order imposed by the enlightenment. The ideas of Romanticism are the complete opposite of the Enlightenment ideas. Romanticism focuses on six themes, awe of nature, emotion, importance of the individual, irrational, horrific and grotesque, and nationality. The image to the right […]

Revolutions of 1830 and 1848

It has been concluded by many historians that the revolutions of 1830 and 1848 were failures, but they were not. We made a scale in class that measures failure to success and we talked about where all the revolutions fell on the scale. A complete failure was defined as there being fewer political rights then […]

The Right Way to React

The United States had to react fast to the dominant conservative ideology of the Quintuple Alliance. The alliance was between Great Britain, Prussia, Russia, Austria, and France. These countries had just attended a peace conference called the Congress of Vienna and they came up with a constitution. Word had gotten out to the United States president, […]

Congress of Vienna

The Congress of Vienna was a peace conference held in 1814 in Vienna, Austria. Kings, Queens, and diplomats from Austria, Prussia, Russia, Britain and France worked together to reconstruct Europe after Napoleons defeat. One concept that came out of the Congress of Vienna was the Principle of Intervention. This principle was an ideology that gave […]

Ideologies Vine Post

WordPress is not allowing my vine to embed so here is the link, https://vine.co/v/hD5IAaE5BYT An ideology is a system of idea or ideals especially ones that form the basis of economic or political theory and policy. There are three main ideologies, nationalists, conservatives, and liberals. My group made a vine about nationalism. If someone is a nationalist […]