US vs. Great Britain


Industrialists were much more likely to succeed in Great Britain than the US. The US had a tough time trying to find workers for their factories because there was so much farming land. It was easier for Great Britain to find workers because Great Britain did not have a lot of farm land. There was a high demand for labor in Great Britain because they invented new machines for the factories. In Great Britain the workers could be payed less because they were always available and replaceable, however in the US workers were not easy to find. US workers were paid more so they would want to keep their jobs and not quit. A secondary source comparison between the two countries stated, “Finally, the British accepted the idea that people could move ahead in society by hard work and talent.” This quote explains that the British industrialists were more likely to succeed because they were talented and hard working.

Working people during the industrial revolution had a more positive experience if they worked in the US rather than Great Britain. There was a significant difference in the way young women were treated in the US compared to Great Britain. In Great Britain if one girl didn’t like the mills and wanted to quit they could hire a new girl easily because more girls needed jobs. However in the US it was not easy to find girls to work in the factories so the factories had to be appealing to young women. They needed girls to keep their jobs in the US so they kept the factories cleaner and gave more breaks then the factories in Britain. Also the days were not as long in the US as opposed to Great Britain. In Harriet Robinson’s biography she provides an account of her life as a mill girl. She states, “When the overseer was kind they were allowed to read, knit, or go outside the mill­yard to play.” This quote is about the young girls working in the Lowell Mills and it shows that the girls in America had breaks and freedom.  While talking about the girls in Great Britain Robinson said, “In the eyes of her overseer she was but a brute, a slave, to be beaten, pinched and pushed about.” The factory workers in Britain were mistreated by their overseers and the conditions were extremely bad. It was more pleasurable to work in the US instead of Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution.


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