British Colonies Take the Lead

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries the 13 British Colonies and Latin American Colonies experienced revolutions. Both British and Latin American Colonies were revolting for democracy, equality, and freedom. Latin America struggled to achieve democracy, equality, and freedom while the 13 British Colonies achieved a stable republic. The British Colonies had a great […]

A New Republic

The Haitian Revolution greatly impacted Haiti and the rest of the world.  The French Revolution created conditions that contributed to the Haitian Revolution; whenever France made a new change Saint Domingue would try to make that change too. The people of Saint Domingue did not believe the French took their revolution far enough so they took […]

Napolean Takes Over

  Napoleon was a strong conqueror for France who impacted the social, economic, and political systems of Europe. Socially Napoleon was viewed in two different ways. Some people loved Napoleon and believed he was giving people more liberty by taking over their country. Marshal Michel Ney said,”Liberty triumphs in the end, and Napoleon, our august […]

US vs. Great Britain

Industrialists were much more likely to succeed in Great Britain than the US. The US had a tough time trying to find workers for their factories because there was so much farming land. It was easier for Great Britain to find workers because Great Britain did not have a lot of farm land. There was […]

Mary Paul Tells All

Mary Paul was born in New Hampshire in 1830. After her mother’s death she moved to Vermont to live with her aunt. At the age of 15 she journeyed to Lowell, MA to work in the mills and earn her own money. While living in Lowell Mary often wrote letters expressing her feelings to her […]