Adam Smith PSA

Smith, Adam. The Wealth of Nations (Excerpts). Modified from the Modern History Internet Sourcebook. 1776. Fordham University. (accessed September 18, 2013). Adam Smith wrote this primary source in 1776 when the Industrial Revolution was rising. The source was written so Smith could express his ideas on society and its principles. Adam Smith was known as the father […]

Luddites fight back

Above: An account of machine-breaking in March 1812 at Linthwaite, Yorkshire. The Luddites were a particular group of skilled weavers, mechanics or artisans that worked in factories during the industrial revolution in Great Britain.Luddites were led by a mythical figure, “Ned Ludd”, hence their name. These people believed that factories were not using their machines properly […]

Trip To The Museum

  Working in a group with four other people, we made a museum exhibit on child labor in the Industrial Revolution. Our first step was to analyze the six sources we were given and see how each one relates to child labor during the Industrial Revolution. Analyzing the sources helped us figure out where to […]

Engels PSA Bibliography

Engels, Friedrich. The Condition of the Working-Class in England in 1844. London: Swan Sonnenschein & Co.,1892. This primary source written by Friedrich Engels describes the extremely harsh conditions people and children in Manchester were forced to work in during the Industrial Revolution. Friedrich Engels, a German social philosopher, wrote this book after being sent to Manchester England to […]

Syria Town Meeting

A meeting was held on September 9th, 2013 by the members of a Syrian town to discuss the civil war going on in their country. The town members are very frightened by their governments use of chemical weapons and they discussed the best ways to handle the situation. The first topic the members talked about […]